Houghton Lake, Michigan, United States

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Welcome to Houghton Lake Area Historical Village and Playhouse




The  First Building  you will see is the Schoolhouse and Museum. This Building was the original Denton Township School #2  built in 1876 it was moved to its current location is 1972 and was the first building in our Village. The School room has been restored to resemble a early Houghton Lake One Room Schoolhouse. .  The Second Story which was added as an Inn after the Schoolhouse was closed has been restored as a typical home of the 1890's era.

Dressmakers Shop


The Dressmaker's Shop was one of the original fisherman's Paradise Resort buildings which were moved in  1980. It now houses a magnificent display of clothing for women  ranging from the mid 1800's  to the 1930's  including many wedding gowns. There is also a separate children's room with displays of children clothing and toys. There is a weaving machine as well as an antique sewing machine.   The front of the  building contains a complete

wedding ensemble and other items which  came from a young couple who were married in Word War II  after which the groom was  deployed to the Pacific and unfortunately was killed. 

Gerneral Store


Johnson's General Store is was moved to the Village from fisherman's Paradise Resort.  It contains items both for display and for sale as it would have looked  in a historic logging village.  

The General Store also contains the Edna Post Office which was a typical arrangement in these early Days.  The Edna  Post Office replicates the post office of the town of Edma which was the orginal name of the area now called Prudenville.

Barbershop/ Pharmacy/Doctors Office


The  Barbershop/ Pharmacy/ Doctor's Office is a typical of a typical early Village Building which often served many purposes in town.  The First Barber in Houghton Lake Heights  was Efner Parker and on display in the shop are the mugs used by his young customers. The Pharmacy   displays containers and other displays from both the early Kronner and Hunt Drugstore. The Doctors office replicates the office of Dr. Arthur Sturge who served Hougthon Lake  starting in 1900.



The Homestead is a builidng which is demonstates a typical Houghton Lake Home of the the Late 1920's/ 

It was  used as a cottage for many years before being donated to the Historical Village The Questor's Society did the the original  work  and the Historical Society  continues the restoration work on the Homestead.



The Village Chapel is a replica of  a typical chapel of the logging era.  Back in the day the Building of a Chapel was a symbol the town was becoming a permanent settlement. 

Our Chapel contains a beautifully carved working pump organ which is used each year during the Village Days Church Service.  Our Chapel is available 

for rent for weddings and other religious services. 

Carriage House


The  Carriage Shop is intended to simulate  a building that would  have been found in the town around 1870.  This would have been the domain of the wheelwright, who was skilled in working with wood, which formed the wheels on wagons and carriages. On display in the Carriage house is  a mail delivery carriage which was donated by the Bockelman Family. Also there is a cutter which  was donated by Russ McLaughlin, and a buggy which has been restored by Joe Boes with the Help of Bill Baese. 

Blacksmith Shop


The Blacksmith Shop is a a working blacksmith Shop which replicates  one which was found in virtually every early American town .The Blacksmith was among the most valuable person in  any town. It was the blacksmith who made not only horseshoes but also any item made from metal. He/she would make kitchen tools. farm implements , logging tools and even door handles and hinges. 

During Village Days you can see our blacksmith at. work 

Print Shop


The Edna Times Print  Shop is a working building.  It contains early Printing equipment and a book binder. The equipment inside the building  which dates back to the1850's..   The treadle press is owned by Robert Sweet of Higgins Lake and is on loan to the museum.  The " stone"  handset  type "furniture" and the Peer-less in the Edna times have been donated by the Houghton Lake Resorter 

Michelson TownHall


The Michelson Town Hall  isa re-creation of of the Town of Michelson.  Former Michelson and Life long  Lake Township Resident ,Louis Spink constructed a model of the Town of Michelson Village, a former logging Mill Town  located west of Houghton Lake.,Michelson was burned in 1924.

Johnson's Bunkhouse


The Johnson Bunkhouse  has only recently been moved to our Village.  It was originally a building which was used to house the entertainers who came to perform at Johnson's Rustic Dance Hall (now called the Playhouse.) Although the building is not yet ready for public display  we have found the signatures  of entertainers including band members from Central Michigan Normal College which  was the original name of Central Michigan University.

Sturge Building


The Sturge Building like many in our area has had many uses over time.. It was believed to have been constructed near Old 27 and later moved to Headquarters Rd and become the home of Orloff Sturge , Justice of Peace from 1939 to 1969. It was a residence for many years after it was sold. Th  Building  was donated to the Historical society and moved to it's present location in 2003.